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If you can't stand the heat,
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AUGUST 2, 2018 Dear member of the SCNCC community,

It's summer and the fires are raging in California reminding us that there is no place to hide--not even in frackin' friendly Jerry Brown's cap-and-trade capital of the world.

We're writing to urge you to pay a visit to our newly redesigned website at, join one of the discussions or start your own on our discussion forum at, and follow us on FaceBook or Twitter if such is your wont.

Recent articles on our website include:
Decatur Illinois Street Scene Urban Blight, Trustee Lots and a Land Bank: residents in Decatur IL stand at the crossroads
Sandra Lindberg reports on how, when city government attempts to revitalize a city by reducing revenue available to public schools and social services, city tax coffers may grow but residents’ quality of life can actually take a hit. Join the discussion of Sandra's article by clicking here.
The Limits of Green Energy Under Capitalism
David Klein questions whether renewable energy grow fast enough in the market economy to pinch off the use of fossil fuels and help fend off climate catastrophe and argues that environmental activists must begin to focus on ending the economic system of capitalism itself in order to ensure the survival of life on the planet,
Preserve Glaciers; Abolish ICE! SCNCC Signs Pledge to Mobilize: Climate Justice Is Immigration Justice!
System Change Not Climate Change has signed on to an Immigration Justice pledge being circulated by the Democratic Socialists of America Climate and Environmental Justice Working Group. Occupella performing at April 29, 2017 Climate Mobilization in Oakland Fighting for System Change by Song
Bonnie Lockhart, introduces The Ecosocialist Songbook, a selection of songs suitable for demonstrations and street action. The songs are drawn from the repertoire of the women's singing group Occupella, which has become a presence at many climate and environmental justice events in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Leave No Worker Behind: Will the just transition movement survive mainstream adoption?
Writing for Earth Island Journal, Samantha M. Harvey explains why grassroots activists worry that that, once taken over by philanthropies and governments entrenched in a corporate model, the principles that birthed the just transition movement will be lost forever.
Privatisation of waste Tracking the battles for environmental justice: here are the world’s top 10
In The Conversation, Julie Snorek identifies some of the world's major struggles for environmental justice.
Environmental justice activism is to this age what the workers’ movement was for the industrial age - one of the most influential social movements of its time.

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System Change Not Climate Change is a joint U.S.-Canadian network of ecosocialists who believe capitalism is incompatible with prospects for a decent life for future generations on planet Earth.

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