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PAOV — “No mother should have to listen to their child take their last breath.” Eran tragically lost two young children in a horrific car accident. Now, she’s fighting to change car seat rules across Canada to keep children safer. You can support Eran by signing her petition.

Petitioning Marc Garneau, Bill Fraser, Honourable Denis Landry .@MarcGarneau: Please save innocent lives. Change car seat laws in Canada.

Petition by Eran Pelletier


Sign now with a click March 21st 2013 will forever be engraved in my memory. It’s the day a reckless driver took the lives of two of my children, along with the life of my best friend, their aunt.

Before this day, I thought I knew how to keep my child safe in the car.

My beloved son was only 17 months old when his life was tragically taken in a head-on collision. His car seat was facing forward and he suffered internal spinal decapitation in the impact. My son is one of too many children who are severely injured and killed in motor vehicle collisions each year because they are not using the right seat in the right way.

Some provincial and territorial laws state that children must be at least 1-year-old and 22 pounds to face forward in their car seat. This is wrong, because babies’ bones don’t solidify until after the age of 2 years old.

A positive aspect of our legislation is that the law requires you to use your car seat properly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Many car seats are now being made that state that you cannot use them forward facing until a minimum of 2 years old. This means that you must follow the labels on your seat to use the seat legally, but it’s hard to enforce and it isn’t standard across all seats.

The laws are also inconsistent across provinces and territories in Canada.

After having buried my two children, I hope my experience can help other families and prevent the senseless loss of more innocent lives. I visit my kids at a graveyard for their birthdays, and holidays -- thinking about how I can use my loss to create positive change so that other families will not have to suffer as ours has.

Please join me in asking the Honourable Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, to demand the implementation of immediate changes in all provinces and territories, to ensure laws are updated to require children to be at least 2 years old and 22 pounds before they can legally use a forward-facing car seats.

Provincial authorities must also be held accountable to update these laws and ensure public awareness and support for families who need help to use their car seat safely.

Getting this law changed would help families keep their kids safe.

No mother should have to listen to their child take their last breath. Please sign and share this petition today to save innocent lives. r0 · /> · Privacy policy

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