Tell the press! We need a poverty reduction plan

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People across the province are writing and meeting with their MLAs to demonstrate that we urgently need... an accountable, bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan.

To keep up the pressure, we need to make sure that MLAs are constantly hearing from people demanding an effective poverty reduction plan; however, many people across the province don't even know that there is a plan in development. That's why we want to flood newspaper offices across the province with Letters to the Editor clearly setting the bar for what we expect from a poverty reduction plan.

The government needs to hear that we are expecting to see a comprehensive over-arching vision and bold first steps that will bring together all ministries to reduce and eventually eliminate poverty. We need immediate action like increasing income supports above the poverty line and tying rent control to the unit.

If we all wrote a letter to our local newspapers, we can clearly set the expectations for an accountable, bold, and comprehensive poverty reduction plan. Click here to get started!

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