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Fact: If you live in Canada, you probably pay one of the highest cell phone bills in the world.1

But have you ever wondered exactly how much better the rest of the world has it than us?

While our friends in other countries enjoy cheap unlimited data plans, Canada’s market is dominated by the Big Three, who keep prices artificially inflated and data caps low, while they continue to raise prices. That’s something we desperately need to change.

Take a look at this brand new calculator that shows what you’d get in other countries for the price you pay here: But be warned, the truth can hurt sometimes!


That we pay ridiculously high prices here is probably not a surprise to you. What’s really shocking is how little our own government is doing to fix the problem.

Competition is what tends to keep prices low in other countries. But the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) just shut the door on smaller providers trying to provide services at a lower price.

So after you’ve compared your bill, you’ll be able to use the tool to place a free call directly to Minister Navdeep Bains, and tell him open up Canada’s markets and lower our cell bills.


You might be shocked at what you find you’d be getting in other countries for what you pay here. But if enough of us start speaking out together, we have a real chance to get lower cell phone bills for everyone in Canada.

Thank you for everything you do,
Katy, on behalf of the OpenMedia team

P.S. Making that call is super easy. It takes less than a minute, it’s free, and we’ve written a simple two-sentence script you can follow. Try it!

[1] Why Canadian cell phone bills are among the most expensive on the planet: National Post


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