Trump tries to bully Canada

Sign the petition calling on Canada to fight back against corporate-friendly trade deals.

Last week, Trump threatened to officially withdraw from NAFTA and impose stiff tariffs on Canada if Canada does not cave on U.S. demands.

Call on Trudeau and Freeland to fight back against Trump's bullying on corporate-friendly trade deals.

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Trump is trying to bully Canada into decimating our health care system and threatening workers across the country.

Last week, the U.S. President claimed that he will officially withdraw from North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and impose stiff tariffs... on Canada if it does not cave on U.S. demands.

The demands are numerous -- covering everything from decimating our digital rights to spiking prices of critical prescription drugs. If Canada’s chief negotiator, Chrystia Freeland, meets these excessive, it would mean that Canada will be choosing to bolster profits of agriculture corporations over the right to a fair living for our farmers, and Big Pharma corporations like Pfizer and Merck in favour of our sick.

Freeland and Prime Minister Trudeau can’t give into Trump’s demands -- any new deal that Canada makes needs to protect our farmers, environment and digital rights and remove the provisions for foreign corporations to sue the Canadian government. The NAFTA talks resume this week, so now is the time to fight back against Trump and corporate-friendly trade deals.

Trudeau and Freeman: don't let Trump bully Canada into a bad trade deal.

Trump is using bullying tactics. Besides threatening tariffs on the Canadian auto industry, he’s not even trying to negotiate in good faith -- the U.S. President just told reporters he will negotiate “totally on our terms” during NAFTA talks. It’s clear that he has no intention of negotiating fairly.

NAFTA is a flawed deal to be sure, but giving into Trump’s demands would be even worse. The U.S. President wants Canada to extend patents on medications that will keep drug prices higher for longer. And he wants to dismantle the Canadian system that protects our farmers.

We have defeated horrible trade deals before. SumOfUs members like you were instrumental in putting the Trans-Pacific Partnership on ice. And time and time again, members like you have spoken out against Investor-State Dispute Settlement, the dangerous clause in trade deals like NAFTA that allows corporations to sue governments in secretive tribunals of corporate lawyers with little to no oversight.

We know that if we speak out, we can win. Now, call on Trudeau to not give into Trump’s demand.

Sign the petition calling on the Canadian Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister to fight back against corporate-friendly trade deals.

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More information:

NAFTA talks break off, expected to resume next week CBC, Aug. 31st, 2018
Trump says Canada-NAFTA negotiations ‘totally on our terms’: report, Global News, Aug. 31st, 2018

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