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Glyphosate, Bayer's toxic weedkiller, is raining down on the traditional territories of indigenous people in Canada, and decimating wildlife.

Local First Nations elders have a plan to protect their land and community, but they need your support to do it.

Can you chip in CA$92 to stop glyphosate?

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An estimated 20,000L of toxic glyphosate is poured down from airplanes onto the traditional hunting and gathering grounds of several First Nations every year. This “rain of death” is killing off moose, destroying blueberry patches and endangering traditional Indigenous food and medicines.

While their way of life is being threatened, all levels of government are callously ignoring this ongoing crisis. And now Indigenous elders have taken matters into their own hands.

Indigenous water protector Sue Chilbow has a plan to get glyphosate off oher lands -- but she needs your help to do it.

Sue has been invited to an important conference in India to meet with leaders from around the world to fight against glyphosate. This will give her the knowledge and tools needed to stop the poisoning of her traditional lands and kick Bayer’s toxic chemical out for good. But the conference is just a month away, we need your help today to make sure Sue can be there.

Will you chip in CA$92 to support Indigenous-led resistance against aerial spraying of glyphosate in Canada?

Sue was born and raised in the Garden River First Nation and has seen firsthand the destructive effects of glyphosate spraying on her traditional food sources. These mass sprays prevent her people from harvesting traditional foods from the forest and poison the lands.

Glyphosate is a toxic pesticide and is Bayer’s (formerly Monsanto’s) best selling pesticide. Bayer and forestry companies are profiting on the destruction of traditional Indigenous ways of life, while poisoning the land.

Sue, and the Traditional Ecological Knowledge Elders group she supports, need allies and information to create a fight plan. This conference will provide her these vital tools necessary to kick Bayer’s toxic glyphosate off her traditional lands for good. But she can’t do that without your help.

Will you chip in CA$92 to support Sue's resistance against aerial spraying of glyphosate in Canada?

SumOfUs is at the forefront of the fight against glyphosate, fighting it in the courts to stop the relicensing of the toxic pesticide in the EU. From signing petitions and sending letters to key decisions makers, hundreds of thousands of SumOfUs members have pushed to kick glyphosate out of the EU for good.

And your efforts have worked. Now we need your help again to stop glyphosate in Canada by supporting Indigenous elders who are fighting despite the Canadian government’s total inaction.

We know we don’t have the financial might of major pesticide producers like Bayer but when we all chip in a little we can stop its toxic products from being aerial sprayed on Indigenous lands.

Will you chip in CA$92 to help Sue's fight against glyphosate spraying in Canada?

Thanks for all that you do,

Amelia, David and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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