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Hi everyone,

In light of the Federal Court of Appeal decision we made some changes to the Rise for Climate event. We want this day to be a celebration of our collective power to deal a huge blow to the Trans Mountain pipeline. We are also preparing for what's next in this urgent movement for climate justice.

We will now be meeting in front of the BC legislature this Saturday September 8th, 2018, Noon-2:30pm for painting a giant banner, music, and discussion of next actions. We hope you can come and be part of this international day of action!


Here's the new event description:

Let's gather at noon on September 8th, in unison with an international day of climate action and demand BOLD action from our governments on climate change and the swift transitioning to 100% renewable energy. Given the recent court decision to HALT construction of the #TMX pipeline (indefinitely!), it is also a time to celebrate together and acknowledge what is possible when we come together for a cause in these uncertain times.


Big mural paint-in for use in future banner drops and actions: "To change everything we need everyone! Rise for Climate!"

Giant group photo to send out to provincial and federal governments and demand real action on climate change, PLUS breakout circles to get information on next actions and ways to keep fighting to protect the climate.

On this day in cities, towns and communities around the world, people are organizing thousands of rallies to demand a live-able climate future and an immediate end to new fossil fuel mega-projects--because its 2018 and our collective future cannot wait!

The smokey skies this summer were a stark warning on what is to come if we don't act- and our own governments are seemingly immobilized- let's let them know we want action now, let's wake them up!

This action will take place respectfully on the unceded lands of the Lkwungen and W'SANEC peoples who have lived here since time immemorial, long before there was anything called a climate crisis.

Find out more about Rise for Climate actions and the Global Climate Action Summit at riseforclimate.org
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