12,000 year-old forest, or a coal mine?

Show solidarity with the protectors of the Hambach forest in Germany. r1

Dear Paov,

German coal giant RWE wants to cut down a 12,000 year old forest to strip away earth and dig for lignite - the dirtiest fossil fuel. They could start clearing trees in just two weeks. But not without a fight.

Activists have been protecting the Hambach forest with their presence and their bodies. Now, as the situation escalates and police carry out evictions to make way for the loggers, the people defending Hambi have called for international solidarity. Show your support, sign the letter in solidarity with people defending Hambi!

So let’s send the land defenders on the frontlines a powerful message of hope and support. Let’s help them stay strong, and stay safe: the more eyes focused on the Hambi struggle, the more the authorities might hesitate to use violence against the peaceful resistance.

For 6 years, a group... of people have made the Hambach forest their home, safeguarding it and resisting the clearing. But now their forest homes are being destroyed. The fossil fuel giant RWE has the legal rights to the land, but there is no doubt that their plan to expand the nearby open-pit mine will bring nothing but destruction. Not just for the ancient trees and the forest settlement, but for the climate, and our shared future.

The David and Goliath fight of communities going up against the fossil fuel industry is one we know all too well here in North America. In this last year, over 250 people were arrested on Burnaby Mountain in BC taking action against Kinder Morgan's TransMountain pipeline -- and we continue to see the unrelenting resolve in the Indigenous led struggle against this project. We're seeing the same determination in the Spirit of the Buffalo camp in Manitoba to oppose the Line 3 pipeline.

Our fight against the fossil fuel industry is global -- and expressions of solidarity have a huge impact in boosting the morale of those on the frontlines of this struggle. I know that they certainly meant a lot to me when I was arrested for violating Kinder Morgan's injunction back in March. That's why I'm asking you today to sign this letter and send your own words of support to the people defending the Hambach forest. We will make sure your message finds its way directly to Hambi, during an action in the coming weeks!

In respect and peace,

Clayton & 350.org

PS - As you might have heard, Trudeau's started a new review process for the TransMountain pipeline. But time is short, we have less than a week to submit our comments and demand that the National Energy Board consider climate, marine protection, and Indigenous consent in its new review. Submit your comment today.

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