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PAOV — Evander Lee Daniels was just 22-months-old when he died in an overcrowded foster home. Left unattended in a bath tub, Evander drowned and was found face-down with the water running. His father, Chris, wants to make sure this doesn’t happen to other foster children and is calling for increased resources to keep children with their families and for better monitoring of foster homes. You can help by adding your name.

Petitioning Governement of Canada #JusticeForEvander: Foster change in foster care.

Petition by Chris Crowe
Saskatoon, Canada


Sign now with a click My son Evander Lee Daniels was only 22 months when he died after being placed in an overcrowded foster home. He was left unattended in a bathtub, with about five centimetres of water and the taps turned off. He was found by his foster father with his face down in the tub, the taps running. He passed away from drowning.

The foster home where Evander was staying was only approved for three children, but social services had placed five children under the age of four in it.

Seeing his little body in a funeral home is burned in my memory forever. My child was placed in foster care while I was serving with the military in the United States and while his mother was suffering from postpartum depression.

My son’s short life needs to stand for much needed change in the foster care system. We need to prevent this from happening to any other child in the future in our country.

As it stands, agencies are incentivized to take children out of their families, handing them to foster care. Most children taken from their homes in my province of Saskatchewan are indigenous.

I want Evander’s story to serve as an example to ensure our government invests more resources in prevention, in keeping families apt to care for their children and informed on their children’s wellbeing.

I am asking for resources towards preventing children from being taken from their homes. We need in-home workers, help for communities and more indigenous social workers. I also encourage our government to increase resources for monitoring foster families, to ensure quotas are respected.

Families need to be involved and informed on their children’s living conditions, health and wellbeing.

Help me give meaning to Evander's life. Join me in asking for change in our Canadian foster care system to ensure our children are safe. r0 · /> · Privacy policy

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