Cancerous Timbits

Tell Health Canada to take action on glyphosate

A new study has found that Timbits, KD, Cheerios, Quaker Oats, and Ritz Crackers contain Monsanto Roundup’s cancer-causing ingredient, glyphosate.

Tell Health Canada and to keep cancerous ingredients out of our food.

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The key ingredient in Monsanto's cancer-causing Roundup is pervasive in our children’s food. A just-released study found cancerous glyphosate in common foods like Timbits, KD, Cheerios, Ritz Crackers, and Quaker Oatmeal.

The message is getting around that glyphosate is dangerous. Just this August, a California jury ordered Monsanto to pay... a school groundskeeper $289 million because glyphosate was found to be the cause of his terminal cancer.

Environmental Defence's study has blown the lid on how common cancer-causing glyphosate is in our food. It's time for Canada to keep cancerous ingredients out of our food.

Call on Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada to reform laws that are supposed to protect us from cancerous glyphosate.

By disregarding the health of our children and continuing to allow glyphosate in our food -- no matter the level -- government agencies are saying that profits for corporations like Pepsico and Kraft are more important than people. This blatant disregard for human life needs to be stopped.

Thanks to SumOfUs members like you, glyphosate is losing its stranglehold on our agriculture industry. Our most recent campaign success was when we came together and got the EU Commission to extend its licence to only 5 years instead of the 15 years that agricultural lobbyists wanted.

And we know we have Health Canada's ear. Members like you set a record for the highest number of public comments to the agency for it to save the bees by banning key bee-killing pesticides. And thanks to this pressure, we won -- all three major bee-killing neonic pesticides have been banned.

Now, we need to call on the government agencies to take action on cancer-causing glyphosate.

Tell Health Canada and Environment and Climate Change Canada to take serious steps to curb cancerous glyphosate in our food system.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Yohanna, Angus, Amelia, and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

Weed-killing chemical found in pasta, cereal and cookies sold in Canada: study, CTV, September 9th, 2018
What's in Your Lunch, Environmental Defense, September 2018

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