They tried to exclude us -- now they cant ignore us

1 day to demand a pipeline review that considers climate, marine protection, & Indigenous consent. r1

Dear friends,

Thanks to people like you, in just 4 days, the National Energy Board received over 3500 faxes demanding that the new review of the TransMountain pipeline consider climate change, marine protection, and Indigenous consent. Together, we’ve overwhelmed the NEB’s fax machine in Calgary to the point that they can’t keep up with the sheer volume of submissions.

With stacks upon stacks of comments piling up, it’s impossible for them to ignore our message -- and we have until tomorrow to keep the pressure up. Will you take a minute to click and fax the NEB telling them to fix the broken pipeline review process?

Why are we faxing our submissions instead of using 21st century technology? Well, it turns out that the easiest way to participate in the NEB’s process for public comments... is via fax. This choice of technology, along with their one week timeline, is a clear indication that the NEB isn’t actually interested in hearing from us. It’s almost as if they’ve gone out of their way to make sure participating in this process as inaccessible as possible.

And it’s not just the National Energy Board’s preferred choice of technology that’s stuck in another century. They don’t have any processes to account for marine protection, climate change impacts, or Indigenous consent in their review of the TransMountain project.

There’s just one day to go to change that. Speak up and demand a proper review that considers the project’s impacts on marine ecosystems, our climate, and Indigenous rights. Submit your comment now -- you can send in multiple ones if you like!

Trudeau and his ministers keep saying they want to build this pipeline as quickly as possible. It certainly feels like they’ve already made up their mind about the project and they are clearly not starting the new review process in good faith.That’s why we’re making sure that PM Trudeau, Environment Minister McKenna, and Natural Resources Minister Sohi receive a copy of each and every one of these faxes in their own fax machines. Let’s quash their plans to exclude our voices by flooding their archaic fax-in consultation -- and their offices.

It was just a year a go that the NEB announced a brand new climate test for the Energy East pipeline after thousands demanded a full assessment of the project’s climate change impacts. Now, we’re speaking up again to demand that same standard for TransMountain.


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