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I have great news for you, Paov!

Yesterday, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) rejected Bell Canada’s dangerous website blocking proposal.1 This is a huge win for the open Internet in Canada.


THANK YOU! This victory would have not been been possible without the voices of tens of thousands of people like you across the country who protested this bad proposal and stood against censorship.

Our campaign against Bell’s website blocking plan was one of our biggest in recent history and the CRTC received over 150,000 submissions in this proceeding – some of the highest numbers we’ve ever seen!

But the fight doesn’t end here. The CRTC ruled that it doesn’t have the jurisdiction to govern this area of the Internet, so it deferred the proposal to the ongoing reviews of the Copyright Act, and the Broadcast and Telecommunications Act.2 This means we know exactly where Bell is headed next – and we’ll be right there waiting for them.

Bell’s plan would lead to the widespread censorship of legitimate content — violating our right to free expression and putting Canada’s robust Net Neutrality protections at risk.3 We won’t let that happen. We defeated them this time – and will continue to do so everywhere else they go.

Our next step is to ensure Bell’s plan is defeated loud and clear at the review of the Copyright Act, which is already underway. Will you put your voice on the record and say no to Bell’s website blocking plan?


We’re working to make sure the government hears us loud and clear: no matter where Bell tries to sneak in their censorship plan, we won’t tolerate it.

Once again, thank you for being part of one of OpenMedia’s largest campaigns of the year. Today’s decision is a testament of your hard work! We could not be more grateful for our community’s support.

Marie, on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S. The final hurdle for this plan is going to be at the review of the Broadcast & Telecommunications Acts, which is where Bell holds the most power. Will you consider donating today to ensure we’re able to finish this fight with one final victory?


[1][2] Telecom Decision CRTC 2018-384: CRTC
[3] Why the CRTC should reject FairPlay’s dangerous website-blocking plan: Globe and Mail


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