Poverty Reduction Legislation has been Tabled!

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Yesterday, the BC government tabled the Poverty Reduction Act (Bill 39)! Congratulations to you all for getting... us this far!

Share your thoughts about this legislation to your elected representatives and your local newspaper.

The Act, which will be the foundation of the poverty reduction strategy, includes targets to decrease the overall poverty rate by 25% and the child poverty rate by 50% in 5 years. If these targets are achieved, this would lift almost 140,000 British Columbians out of poverty, including 49,500 children. As well as reducing poverty, the plan must also include initiatives to prevent poverty in BC.

However, while this Act hits many accountability measures, there are gaps. For example, there are no targets and timelines for tackling the depth of poverty, nor does the Act ensure that those most marginalized are included in the reduction targets. We hope these gaps can be filled through a bold and comprehensive poverty reduction plan, and we encourage the general public to continue to advocate to the government as they develop the plan to be launched next year.

Keep up the pressure by emailing the government and the media.

You can read more analysis of the legislation in our press release: “Poverty reduction legislation includes targets and timelines but not for people far below the poverty line.” Below, you can find a graphic, which shows how the legislation measures up to the ABC plan. Share it on Facebook and Twitter!


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