Make #WorldAnimalDay count

Make #WorldAnimalDay count r1 ... Give animals a reason to do the happy dance

Dear Paov,

We are lucky to live in a world that is bursting with life. But wildlife worldwide are facing more challenges than ever. Animals are working their hardest to survive in a world with increasing pressures.

With your support, the Wilderness Committee works hard every day to help these animals survive.

Sage grouse, southern resident killer whales, coastal tailed frogs, caribou, wolves, grizzly bears, burrowing owls, blue tailed skinks and rusty patched bumble bees are just some of the animals we're fighting for. From the courts to the waters and forests, we're working to provide havens for wildlife at risk by protecting their habitat.

Yes! I'll help protect Canada's at-risk species! Much like humans, sage grouse use the art of dance to impress each other. Male birds will dance in competition to battle for the attention of females. Because of supporters like you, the Wilderness Committee is able to continue our work to protect endangered wildlife across Canada. You help us lead policy actions and engagement that give voice to the animals struggling to thrive in habitats being destroyed or ignored by industrial development. Together, we can ensure every species has a place they can call home. Donate today Please consider a small gift towards our wildlife protection work. And celebrate World Animal Day like a greater sage grouse! For the wildlife,

Charlotte Dawe | Conservation and Policy Campaigner

PS: Your donation works. With your support, we've successfully worked to ban grizzly bear hunts, created safe places so the western toad could thrive, and we're working to protect more boreal forests for caribou. Please join us!
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