Can you come to Vancouver to canvass Oct 15-29? Want a lawn sign?

Can you come to Vancouver to canvass for proportional representation between October 15-29? And a reminder about lawn signs!

Dear FVC Supporter,

In about 18 days, the ballots are mailed out in BC's referendum on proportional representation.

The most recent polling put the proportional representation side at 52% - but our voters - young people, renters, those whose voices most need to be heard - are less likely to vote.

Face to face contact with voters is the only thing more powerful than advertising. Your conversation with a voter could make the difference.

Consider coming to Vancouver this month to help the Fair Vote Canada team make history.

We have 22 people in Vancouver willing to offer lodging to canvassers.

If you can commit to doing canvassing and flyer drops for at least a few days - bring good footwear and your raincoat :) - and need financial assistance to cover your travel to get to Vancouver, we may be able to help with travel costs (gas money, ferries). (Update: We're already fast approaching our limit on that budget, so if you can't come but want to chip in so others can, please do - we need a big team and don't want to say no to anybody!)

SIGN UP HERE if you can join us in Vancouver!

Lawn Signs

The response to the lawn signs has been tremendous. Hosting a lawn sign is a great way to show your support for Proportional Representation and get a conversation going with your neighbours. If you would like to host a sign click here.

Please note that we will run out of signs and may not be able to reach certain areas, so the form does not guarantee you a sign.

And of course, please consider making a donation to help us spread the word across the province and order more signs. Also note that donating does not guarantee you a sign but we will do our very best!


Anita Nickerson
Acting ED, Fair Vote Canada


Fair Vote Canada / Représentation équitable au Canada

283 Danforth Avenue #408
Toronto, ON M4K 1N2


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