Heres how we can win the BC referendum on pr

Dear FVC Supporter,

A recent Angus Reid poll suggests that the upcoming BC referendum could go either way.

There is a strong contingent of popular support for proportional representation (Pro Rep) (34%) but almost as many who oppose it (31%). Remarkably, 34% of voters remain uncertain.

I am writing to you to ask you as a supporter to personally engage to help us win this historical campaign by talking to as many people you know as possible about Pro Rep – your relatives, friends, neighbors and co-workers, in particular those people who remain uncertain or who may have been misguided by the scaremongering or misinformation tactics being used by opponents of electoral reform.

There are tens of thousands of us, and people who know us trust our judgement more than they trust those with a vested interest in first-past-the-post. If each of us takes it upon ourselves to talk to 5, 10, 20 or 50 people that we know, we will quickly reach the threshold of Pro Rep support needed to win.

The BC referendum represents a rare and historic opportunity for BC and the rest of Canada, because under normal conditions, politicians elected under first-past-the-post do not want to change the system that elected them. We need to join together, seize the opportunity, and win this referendum!

Talking to people we know is much easier than talking to strangers door-to-door, and that is how most of us start. This is the time to do it, from now to the end of this month. There are different ways to do this. One approach is to bring a group together for refreshments and organize a discussion. Or, you can approach people one-on-one, improving your talking points and skills as you go from one to another.

You’ll find all sorts of resources on the Fair Vote Canada website, and our team leaders across the province can supply you with handouts and signs that you could use. You can also share FVC or VotePRBC Facebook posters on your Facebook page.

There is no unique recipe for engaging with people about Pro Rep. We all of us have our own story to tell and the needs of those we engage with are different from case to case. However, I invite you to click here for more information on how to talk to people about Pro Rep in the context of the referendum and for other easy things you can do to help us win the referendum.

Over the past week I have personally spoken to hundreds of BC citizens in the Vancouver area and mail-dropped hundreds of flyers. Most people I met were very responsive and happy to get more information about the referendum. Let’s work together to reach tens or even hundreds of thousands of people face-to-face over the next three of four weeks.

Let’s win this together and strengthen BC’s democracy. We owe it to ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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Réal Lavergne

President, Fair Vote Canada


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