Save our intact valleys – as rare as hens teeth

Save our intact valleys – as rare as hen’s teeth r1 ...

Opportunity to comment now on new logging in Manning Park Donut Hole
BC Timber Sales is deciding the fate of the Manning Park Donut Hole

Dear Paov,

My mom says it all the time when she wants to make the point that something is rare, scarce or non-existent, “As rare as hen’s teeth.”
That pretty much describes the number of intact valleys left in the Lower Mainland.

We still have enough wild nature left to put our Humpty Dumpty landscape back together again. But we need to protect our remaining intact valleys.

Right now we have a chance to protect the Silverdaisy and 26 Mile valleys in the Manning Park Donut Hole – an unprotected area smack dab in the middle of Skagit and Manning Parks. BC Timber Sales is making their decision on their logging plans in these pristine valleys in the coming months and we have an opportunity to comment. We want to give them an earful!

Write Now! Also at stake is a beautiful forested alpine bowl in the high country below Silverdaisy Peak. It’s a popular hiking destination and logging could start up any day now. Check out what’s at stake:

This logging – and any future plans for future destruction – must cease now. Please write to BC Timber Sales today and ask them to cease logging and cancel plans to issue more permits in this wild area. We will send copies of your letters to BC Timber Sales, the premier, environment minister and forest minister. Write Now! Together I know you and I can build enough pressure to protect the spectacular wilderness forests in the middle of Manning and Skagit parks.

For the wild,

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