Finally, a chance to help the killer whales

Finally, a chance to help the killer whales r1 ...

Killer whales need more habitat
but more importantly, that habitat needs better protection

Dear Paov,

The southern resident killer whales face a grim fate if drastic action isn’t taken now. There are only 74 left roaming the waters of the west coast and their young calves are struggling to survive. This is what extinction looks like.

The federal government is holding a public consultation to protect two new areas of critical habitat. But even if they label the entire Pacific Ocean as critical habitat, it won’t be effective if they don’t properly protect it.

This is our chance to tell the feds to do better.

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New research has found these two new areas proposed are critical for the whales, especially for their feeding. However, the public consultation for increasing the northern and southern resident killer whales critical habitat ends in five days. So we have to act now.

The current critical habitat of the southern residents is congested with boat traffic, polluted and ridden with commercial fishing operations. We’ve already lost two southern residents this past summer – the government’s idea of “protection” is clearly not good enough.

Write today and support the proposal to increase the critical habitat for the whales. But more importantly, tell the feds that immediate action is needed to protect and reduce the threats in this critical habitat. Write Now If the government continues to drag their feet, the threat of extinction is real for the southern residents. We must help them.

For the killer whales,

Charlotte Dawe | Conservation and Policy Campaigner
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