It's Time to Change for Climate Change

A recently-published IPCC report caused ripples with its prediction that by the end of this century, as soon as 22 years, our world will begin to see the irreparable and life-altering effects of a warming earth. The report indicated that a possible recourse is available: radical, fast-moving change, starting now.

While others tread water, our community swims against the current of inaction. More than 100 Living Building projects now stand tall, representing the work of visionary teams dedicated to regenerating life and leaving a positive impact on our earth. The rest of us have work to do. Below are a few ways that you can help our changing climate and inspire action from your community at varying levels of action:


Donate towards Climate Action: Your gift will support access to our Living Building Challenge programs for underserved populations and the expansion of our Policy and Network teams to break down the barriers and grow Living Buildings everywhere.

Upload your energy/water bill to social media: The economics of change fuel change. How does your energy bill stack up against others? Post a picture and tag us @Living_Future on all social media! #ChangeForClimateChange


Contact your Municipal Officials or Attend a City Council meeting: Share the story why Living Buildings and green buildings are urgently needed with your city’s elected officials. Ask for their help in ensuring more buildings in your community can be sustainable beacons of hope.

Register a Zero Energy or Zero Carbon project: Providing pathways for both building projects utilizing on-site renewables, and top-tier efficiency projects seeking a carbon-neutral building, ILFI’s new programs have something for everyone.


Advocate for clean energy with your Public Utility Commission: Decisions made by the PUC’s in each US state will influence the $100 billion in utility infrastructure investments expected each year between now and 2020. These decision makers are crucial to reducing our carbon output and need to hear from their communities.

Register a Living Building Project: We need your help to scale the number of Living Buildings in this world, and know that you agree that 100 is not enough. If you possess the resources and property to register a project and begin this rewarding journey, we ask that you consider this challenge.

Join us as we swim against the current; invite your friends to then join you. Whatever you choose to do, your leadership will help manifest the mission we have dedicated ourselves to: creating a Living Future that is socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative.


What we do today will define our tomorrow. Invest in ILFI to spur forward the transition to a more socially just, culturally rich and ecologically restorative future through Living Products, Living Buildings and Living Communities. Donate today.

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