We're fighting for Amazonian tribes, are you?

Friend, are you ready?

This Giving Tuesday, will you stand with the Amazon’s tribes?

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. In the Amazon, it’s a time of dread, since Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil’s presidential election last month. After all, he’s the man who:

- said it’s a shame Brazil’s tribes weren’t wiped out years ago.
- vowed to open up their territories to loggers and miners.
- declared they won’t get "one millimeter" more land protected, even though many are landless.

Will you help us as we – alongside indigenous peoples across Brazil – prepare for the fight of our lives? We accept no government funding or dodgy corporate money, so your help is vital to ensure we can:

- investigate and expose loggers, miners and ranchers who invade tribal lands.
- bring global media attention to atrocities against Brazil’s indigenous peoples
- lead well-planned activist campaigns to stop those emboldened by Bolsonaro’s racism in their tracks.

When Survival was founded 50 years ago, some people predicted that Brazil’s tribal peoples would be wiped out by the year 2000.

Their courage and resilience has ensured their survival but they have never faced a threat like this.

While my colleague was in Brazil last month, our indigenous friends told us: “We've been resisting the theft of our lands for more than 500 years, and we will be on this land long after Jair Bolsonaro has left office. We will fight to our last breath to protect it.”

Friend, please join us in standing up for tribes, for nature, and for all humanity. Survival's campaigns have been shown to work time and time again. Please support our vital work with a donation →

Thank you,

Stephen Corry,

Survival International USA, PO Box 26345, San Francisco, CA 94126
Survival International, 6 Charterhouse Buildings, London EC1M 7ET, UK

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