Make South Okanagan National Park Reserve the best it can be!

Make South Okanagan National Park Reserve the best it can be!

Protect Canada’s pocket desert

Dear Paov,

Breathe out my wildlife loving friends, this is a good news update! The proposal for South Okanagan-Similkameen national park reserve is moving along and Parks Canada has just released a public consultation, which is the next critical step.

The boundary they’ve proposed, however, has left out some key wildlife habitat areas and unique ecosystems. These northern landscapes are critical for species at risk.

Now is the chance for you and me to write in and show support for the park reserve. Tell them it should be as big as possible!

Write Now! A look at key wilderness areas that should be protected by this national park reserve proposal.
National park reserves protect the species who’ve always lived in the wild creeks, grasslands and mountains, and make sure they can continue to do so. The South Okanagan is home to 76 per cent of BC’s species at risk. But it's one of the most endangered ecosystems in Canada. A national park reserve is needed to preserve this landscape before it’s changed beyond return.

The South Okanagan has sustained Syilx/Okanagan communities for thousands of years. The federal and provincial governments will be co-managing this national park reserve.

Will you help the species relying on this habitat? Write into the consultation today and tell them you support a big and beautiful national park reserve! Help the park reserve today! Help the South Okanagan-Similkameen region be the best that it can be.

For the wilderness,

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