RAVEN's most ambitious year yet.

RAVEN's most ambitious year yet. r1 ...


It takes some audacity to keep coming, cap in hand, asking our unflagging supporters to dig deep just once more. But: we're so close.

We need just 20 monthly donors to make our goal of 50 new allies in our circle.

Imagine the courage it takes for a Nation, financially strapped and, often, politically and geographically isolated, to stand up to industry and government and say, quite literally, “over our dead bodies”. It’s an awesome responsibility to do whatever it takes to uphold ancestral laws and environmental values when they fly in the face of the forces driven by profit and greed.

Now, one of the places they can reliably summon that courage from is YOU. As part of this small but mighty circle of support, you can rest easy knowing that you help to ground and reassure people who are literally fighting for the survival of their cultures.

You've given so generously of your time, your presence, your organizational skills and your donations. The most substantial way to show your support is to make a monthly donation to RAVEN. We know not everyone can afford a lump sum contribution — here's a way to keep the flow going to the roots of our important work by giving just $5, $25, or $?? per month. Whatever you can afford: little droplets, mighty river.

Join RAVEN's Circle of Allies

All the best for the new year!

The RAVEN Team
Laurie, Susan, Ana, Leah, Josie, Michelle and Andrea

p.s. Donating is not the only way to support RAVEN. Join our Amplifier Network and spread the word about our work through your social networks. Visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/ravenamplifiers/ to join.

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