[evoz] Cafe reminder March 29

Cafe Simpatico at 1923 Fernwood Road

Friday, March 29............Doors open at 7 pm: Music at 7:30 p, Presentation at 8:0 pm

You are invited to a presentation and discussion with Steve Stewart on:

Canadian foreign policy in Latin America with Venezuela, Honduras and beyond

The Canadian government’s inflammatory position regarding Venezuela has been in the news recently,

but much more is happening that does not make headlines in Canada.

Steve will present on the impacts of Canadian foreign policy in

Venezuela, Honduras and elsewhere in Latin America.

Steve Stewart is CoDev’s Executive Director, and a former journalist. He covered the civil wars and land, labour and human

rights struggles during the 1990s in Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador for the CERIGUA news agency.

He was the Co-Chair of the Americas Policy Group from April 2016-March, 2019

and is active with BC CASA/Cafe Justicia and the Mining Justice Alliance.

CoDevelopment Canada (CoDev) is a Vancouver-based NGO that builds partnerships between organizations in Canada and

Latin America to support women’s, workers and human rights and sustainable development.

Al welcome: Admission by donation: Refreshments: Fair Trade coffee

https://www.victoriacasc.org/ https://www.facebook.com/vcasc/

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