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Dear Friends of SJS,

April 9, 5:30 to 8:00 pm SJS Practicum Presentations

DSB C118

Come join us to listen to the SJS practicum students talk about their practicum experiences. Light meal provided.


Sign up today: free online academic freedom course

cholars at Risk

Defending the human rights of scholars and
protecting academic freedom worldwide

Dangerous Questions: Why Academic Freedom Matters


Course trailer

Scholars at Risk, together with our Academic Refuge project* partners, have created a free massive open online course (MOOC) on why academic freedom matters.

The course begins 15 April on FutureLearn. Register today!


Scholars and students around the world ask questions; questions about the environment; questions... about health; questions about poverty and development; questions about justice; questions about truth. And the answers to these questions affect all of society.

But sometimes asking questions can be dangerous. Academic freedom protects the right to ask sensitive, even dangerous questions. Not just scholars' questions, but the freedom for you to think and ask questions that really matter.


This course is designed for students and staff in higher education, and is also relevant for anyone interested in asking critical questions. In its first two runs the course brought together participants from over 110 countries. Join our global conversation about academic freedom!


The MOOC features interactive quizzes, discussion forums, animations, and video lectures through which participants explore what academic freedom is, and why it matters not only to scholars, but to all of society.


Interactive Polls and Quizzes

Test your understanding of academic freedom against other learners and see where you agree and disagree on key questions.

Take a poll »



Animations follow fictionalized accounts of a professor, a student, and a university administration as they ask “dangerous questions,” and ask learners to consider how they would respond.

View video »



Scholars from North America, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East talk about the direct and indirect threats to academic freedom.

View video »


Video Lectures

Rob Quinn, Executive Director of Scholars at Risk, and Dr. Olga Hünler, a Philipp Schwartz Initiative Fellow at the University of Bremen in Germany, take learners through the three-week course.

View video »

*The Academic Refuge project aims to improve the capacity of European universities to assist refugees and threatened academics on campus and to promote understanding and respect for higher education values. Partners include the University of Oslo, the UNICA network, the University of Ljubljana and Scholars at Risk. The European University Association (EUA), the European Association of International Education (EAIE), Al-Fanar Media, and University World News are associate partners on the project.


A film by Judy Jackson:

The Migrant Crisis:


will screen at THE VIC THEATRE

FRIDAY APRIL 12TH AT 6.00 PM. Free entrance.

The migrant crisis through the eyes of Pastor Ignacio Martinez, the founder of ABBA safehouse in Celaya,

“It’s not about us - it’s about the dignity of our brother ‘travellers”.

It started when Ignacio and his family took food to migrants jumping freight trains Some were sick, there was nowhere to wash or sleep. So he founded ABBA, where they can rest, receive food and medical and psychological help . The film shows the gap between President Trump calling migrants “rapists and criminals” - and the sad reality. Most are escaping abject poverty and gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala . Their governments - backed by the US for decades, - are enmeshed in endemic corruption The migrants’ dreams of a better life in the USA have been met by tear gas at the border. In this world of nationalism and xenophobia, Ignacio’s work is vitally important

“They are people like us, with rights and dreams of a better life, and hoping to create opportunities for their children.”

It's a worldwide crisis - 68 million migrants are on the move. The ravages of climate change will create millions more. Yet nations refuse them. Britains’ Brexit aims to restrict them. Many Syrians, Afghanis and Iraqis languish in sordid camps in Greece, or are beaten from the borders of Croatia, Hungary and Poland. The irony is that many countries have aging populations and declining birth-rates. So immigrants – who do the work that no one wants – are needed.

I look forward to hearing from you

Judy Jackson



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