Three ways to defend our climate and our communities

Three ways to defend our climate and our communities r1 ...


On Wednesday, April 10 we are launching our crowd-funding campaign for the Heiltsuk Nation’s legal fundraiser. On the same day that Heiltsuk Nation hosts a film screening + discussion in Vancouver (tickets and details here), we're reaching out across the country and around the world and inviting you to step up for coast heroes.

We need to raise $425K for a groundbreaking legal challenge that stands to set a precedent for Aboriginal Title to the ocean — a first in the world. With huge implications for fisheries (including fish farms) and marine jurisdiction, the case would be a game-changer for oil spills, tanker traffic and the health of communities up and down the Pacific Coast.

Thanks to donors like you, the ball is rolling: since the Heiltsuk filed their case in October, 2018, we’ve raised $137K. It’s super simple to donate, of course, and we’re grateful for your support. But, to reach our ambitious target, we need to engage our incredible network of supporters to become ambassadors for this case.

We’re using the same strategy that killed Enbridge and halted Kinder Morgan, this time to support a Nation whose struggle is happening far from the media spotlight, but whose legal challenge will have a tremendously positive ripple-effect for everyone who cares about Indigenous rights and environmental protection.

We’ve got 3 ways to play in this exciting new phase of the campaign: will you join us?

1. Make a donation. Your contribution is tax deductible in Canada and the US. You can donate once, or set up a monthly auto-debit. Make your donation here.

2. Organize a film screening. We’ve made it super easy to organize events in support of Heiltsuk Nation. Telling the incredible story of how the Heiltsuk led the way to stop Enbridge, #RavenPeopleRising is a half-hour documentary about the Heiltsuk’s role in leading a people-powered movement to defend the Pacific Coast from deadly oil spills. We are holding the #PeoplesPremiere of the film during the month of May: Our goal is to get it to theatres, community halls, churches and living rooms all across Turtle Island. Sign up now to host a screening!!

3. Fundraise Online. Now, we’re ready to get serious about crowdfunded justice: we’re inviting you to set up an online fundraiser in synch with the real-world launch of our peer-to-peer campaign on April 10. While Heiltsuk leaders and supporters gather for an evening of stories and solidarity this Wednesday in Vancouver, we hope you will join fellow coast protectors across the country and around the world in setting up an online fundraiser. Use our simple tools to create a profile, tell your story, and reach out to friends and family to donate to your crowdfunder.

#RavenPeopleRising weaves incredible footage from the Great Bear Rainforest together with passionate voices from generations of Heiltsuk coast protectors: watch and share it here.

In times that often feel dark, standing up to entrenched powers can seem impossible. Let the courage and resilience of the Heiltsuk Nation be an inspiration: rising out of the ashes of colonial violence, a new generation of brilliant, spirited and unrelenting leaders are stepping forward to challenge destructive ways of thinking and governing. Heiltsuk youth, with mentorship and guidance from their elders, are rekindling ancient stewardship traditions and combining them with the very best of what Constitutional law can offer us all. It is humbling, and empowering, to be walking together.

Thank you for your unwavering support.

In solidarity,

Ana and Andrea

P.s. Ready to step up? Set up an online fundraiser now, and invite your friends and family to donate.

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