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With consultations on endangered caribou open to the public this month, we’re inviting you to have your say on the government’s draft recovery plans. Two BC herds have become locally extinct in the past year, and urgent action is required to ensure the species' survival.

Meanwhile, West Coast’s staff lawyers weigh in on two major bills as Senate Committee hearings take place across the country. See what our experts had to say to Senators, and find our latest updates about BC communities seeking accountability for climate change.
Have your say to protect endangered caribou There are two plans under development to save endangered southern mountain caribou from extinction, and the BC government wants your feedback until May 31st.

This blog post is meant as a guide to help you share your views about two draft agreements to protect caribou – including an exciting new partnership between the Saulteau and West Moberly First Nations, BC, and Canada.
Federal bills go on tour with cross-Canada Senate Committee hearings West Coast has been busy this month rallying, delivering submissions and testifying to Senate Committees in support of Bills C-69 and C-48 (the Oil Tanker Moratorium Act).

Last week, Staff Lawyer Gavin Smith reminded Senators why communities have fought so long for a tanker ban on the north Pacific coast (see video at 09:31:40).

Senators are also travelling to communities to discuss Bill C-69, but some hearings have excluded voices that support stronger environmental laws. Watch Staff Lawyer Anna Johnston's testimony on Bill C-69 (starting at 18:19:10).
From the Exxon Valdez to the Marathassa – what have we learned about preventing oil spills? Following the 30th anniversary of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Staff Lawyer Stephanie Hewson examines how the law is failing to protect Canadians from oil spills like the 2015 MV Marathassa spill in English Bay.

This post looks to legal solutions that will help prevent spills in the first place, and ensure polluters are responsible for cleaning up their messes.
Putting climate accountability on the agenda in Canadian communities A shocking report on Canada’s Changing Climate was released this month, adding to concerns about climate-related costs in Canadian communities. Local governments from Toronto to Vancouver Island are continuing to discuss how suing fossil fuel companies may help them recover a portion of those costs.

See our latest backgrounder for more on why communities should consider climate lawsuits. With five local governments voting to send Climate Accountability Letters since January, BC municipalities are playing a greater role in an international movement that wants to #BillBigOil. New victory on Anti-SLAPP law is bittersweet The BC legislature unanimously passed the Protection of Public Participation Act last month – which means nearly 3/4 of Canadians now have some protection from abusive lawsuits used to quell criticism.

In a recent op-ed in the Province, our Executive Director and Senior Counsel Jessica Clogg discusses how provincial governments need to close legal loopholes designed to silence concerned individuals and groups.
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