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On Monday, our first expert witness will take the stand in the fight to defend Canadian public health care from the legal attack launched by for-profit medical clinic CEO Brian Day.

The stakes couldn’t be higher: Day’s goal is to bring U.S.-style health care to Canada -- the kind of system where people go bankrupt, lose their homes and life savings, or worse, because they can't afford treatment when they need it.

After months of testimony from Day’s side in the case, it’s our turn before the judge.

Our first expert witness is Marie-Claude Prémont, a well-respected Professor of Law at the École Nationale d'Administration Publique. Marie-Claude will present evidence on how Chaoulli v. Quebec,... a court decision in Quebec that put restraints on medicare, has made it harder for patients in that province to get the care they need.

Prémont’s evidence is critical for the court to hear because the changes to our health care system that Day is seeking go far beyond the Chaoulli case. Day wants to change the rules so that any doctor can charge patients unlimited amounts for all procedures and services, and to introduce an American-style system of parallel private care and insurance.

That would put private insurance companies in the position to deny patients health care coverage for any service, from visits to the emergency room to cancer treatments.

Our evidence in the case will prove that Brian Day’s vision for health care in Canada would harm patients’ health, drive health costs up, disrupt medical practices, and weaken the Canadian economy.

Please join us at the courthouse in Vancouver if you are able to! We will be there on Monday to hear our first expert’s testimony and we’d love to see you there. You can find details here.

To get updates on the trial over the coming weeks, remember to follow our blog on the case here.

We've got this far thanks to your support. Our participation in this case is 100% funded by our members and individual supporters like you. We are so grateful to be able to deliver this critical evidence in court on Monday. Thank you.

With hope,
Adrienne, Edith, and Ed
BC Health Coalition Co-Chairs


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