Immediate protections for spotted owls now!

Immediate protections for spotted owls now! r1 ...

Demand action from Canada’s environment minister

Dear Paov,

The spotted owl is one of the most critically endangered species in Canada.

There are now only a few spotted owls remaining in the wild, and I’ve just returned from documenting active clearcut logging in its old-growth forested habitat in the Fraser Canyon in BC.

It’s a heartbreaking thing to witness the process of extinction. After a century and a half of industrial logging so little spotted owl habitat is left.

Under the federal species at risk act, the federal government must step in and act when a provincial government fails to do so. This is where you come in.

Write Now! The Fraser Canyon is the last stand of the spotted owl in Canada. And the BC government’s own logging operation, BC Timber Sales, is clearcutting it to the ground. This callous disregard for the future of the spotted owl I witnessed a couple of days ago is clearly an emergency requiring urgent intervention.

This is why earlier this month we wrote the environment minister, represented by Ecojustice, demanding the federal government take immediate action and produce a long-overdue habitat action plan for the spotted owl. This plan – required by law – will stop the logging.

You and I know it’s about way more than these owls. These forests are home to a whole host of species that depend on intact old-growth forest ecosystems for survival. And they are getting logged by the minute.

That’s why I’m asking you to join me – write the minister today and demand she take immediate action to stop the logging by enacting a legally-enforced habitat action plan. Please write now The world is experiencing staggering extinction rates – governments need you and me to push them to address this crisis immediately.

We can and will stop it – starting with the spotted owl.

For the wild,

Joe Foy | Co-Executive Director
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