No pipelines in a Climate Emergency

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Right now, Trudeau's government is debating a bill in Parliament that would declare a National Climate Emergency. If it passes (and we think it absolutely should), then the next test will be on June 18th, when the Trudeau government will decide whether to issue new permits for the Trans Mountain pipeline.

That means we have just a few weeks to remind them that a climate emergency is no time to be approving a tar sands pipeline.

Write a letter to Trudeau’s cabinet and let them know that they need to reject the Trans Mountain pipeline.


This kinda sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well if it does, that’s because Trudeau already approved the pipeline back in 2016. Indigenous and environmental legal challenges, backed by a groundswell of public opposition, led to a resounding defeat in the courts last August. But the federal government has pushed forward, undeterred, and may be close to rubber stamping the disastrous pipeline yet again.

Except that today, Trudeau and his government knows more than they did in 2016:

  • We have just 11 years to cut our climate pollution by to avoid a climate catastrophe. That’s according to the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report released last fall;
  • Canada’s climate is warming twice as fast as the global average, according to an Environment and Climate Change Canada report released last month;
  • Emissions from the oil sands are as much as 64% higher than oil companies have been telling us;
  • And, of course, Alberta has just elected a government that ran on a platform of abandoning any notion of climate leadership. Trudeau can no longer count on Alberta to cap emissions from the tar sands.

We need to convince Trudeau's government not to make the same mistake a second time. Canada's parliament can't just declare a climate emergency — it must act on it. That means no new oil and gas projects. Period.

Will you join us? Send an email to Trudeau and his cabinet to let them you want to see them declare a National Climate Emergency — and act on it.

Around the world, people are waking up to the climate crisis. Hundreds of thousands of students have taken part in climate strikes. Extinction Rebellion protesters have taken to the streets of cities around the world. And has joined prominent groups and individuals to create a Pact for a Green New Deal for Canada. Both the United Kingdom and Ireland have declared a climate emergency, as have over 200 Canadian towns and cities. And now, the federal government is on the brink of doing the same.

Stopping pipelines isn’t easy, but we’ve done it before. This movement has already stopped the Energy East and Northern Gateway pipelines. And you’ve already helped delay the Trans Mountain pipeline by five years. Your phone calls, emails to decision-makers, marches in the streets, and donations to frontline communities have prevented the shipment of an astounding one billion barrels of oil in the process. With just a bit more of a push, we could make sure this pipeline is never built.

Send a message to Trudeau's cabinet now.


Sven Biggs

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