Save the Skagit River from a Mt. Polley disaster

Save the Skagit River from a Mt. Polley disaster r1 ...

Say no to Imperial Metals drilling beside Manning Park!

Dear Paov,

The mining company responsible for the biggest tailings breach in Canada is about to drill next to the cherished Manning Provincial Park.

Imperial Metals has applied for permits to drill right in between Manning and Skagit provincial parks. This is in the highly sensitive ecosystem of the Skagit River headwaters.

We’re teaming up with groups across BC and Washington State to send in a mass of letters from our supporters. It’s an unstoppable tide of activism rising through next week that the BC government won’t be able to ignore!

Join the fight and send your letter today.

Write Now Imperial wants to build a mine high in the headwaters of the Skagit River in an area known as the Donut Hole, nicknamed because it is surrounded by the two provincial parks. Never mind the grizzly bears, the owls, the salmon – and everybody downstream – Imperial wants to drill for gold now.

Controlled by billionaire shareholder Murray Edwards, Imperial is a major political donor accustomed to getting its way in BC. Even after the largest tailings dam failure in Canadian history, the company never faced charges or paid a penny in fines.

This new proposal adds insult to injury. Manning and Skagit provincial parks are a natural wonder treasured by British Columbians – and a crucial wildlife corridor for the whole Cascade mountain ecosystem.

Please write now and demand Premier Horgan reject the drilling permit for Imperial Metals in the Skagit River headwaters. Write Now! For the wild,

Joe Foy | Co-Executive Director
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