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With June already here, many of us are enjoying the longer days and increased solar generation! As the temperatures increase, please keep our children and pets safe, while striving to reduce human caused wildfires.


The Kamloops Chapter of BCSEA and the Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Sustainability Office are partnering to host the Electric Vehicle Show on Sunday June 23, 2019 from 10am to 2:00pm.

The Electric Vehicle Show will be held at Thompson Rivers University, Campus Activity Centre (CAC) Grand Hall. (Parking is free on weekends.) The event will start indoors with an EV presentation by Brock Nanson. EV dealers and owners will also briefly speak about their EVs. After the presentations, there will be a complementary barbecue lunch outside (drinks not provided) and an opportunity to view the EVs in the Campus Commons adjacent to the Campus Activity Centre. You will get to chat with the dealers and owners and take test-drives. Please note that the event includes only plug-in electric vehicles, not hybrids. Several electric bicycles will be on show too, with a chance to win an electric bike!


VICTORIA CHAPTER EV Pub Nite at Christie's

Last Tuesday was the Victoria Chapter’s Pub Night on EVs at Christie’s Carriage House. Sam Torrance, our Events Coordinator, led us through the existing and new grants to buy a new (or used) EV, scrap an old gas guzzler and install a Level 2 charger at your place of residence. Twenty-five EV owners and wanna-be-owners enjoyed Christie’s food and drink and discussed the many ins and outs of choosing the right vehicle, getting the right price, confirming the incentives, installing a charging station, and so on—it’s a new field with many complexities, but judging by the turnout on Tuesday, more and more people are getting ready to make the switch.

City of Victoria Town Halls

On June 6th Chapter Co-Chair Tom Hackney made a brief presentation to council at Victoria’s Climate Action Town Hall #1. This was the first of a series of town hall meetings that are meant to engage and motivate the people of Victoria to support Victoria’s ambitious climate action and renewable energy targets—targets that BCSEA strongly supports. Next will be Town Hall #2 on new buildings and land use on June 10th, to be followed by one on low carbon mobility. Come and show your support—we need lots of people on board to make this work. More information available here.

Car Free Day Victoria 2019

Once again, the Victoria Chapter will have a table at Victoria’s Car Free Day event on Douglas Street. It’s worth attending this event just to have the wonderful experience of walking down the middle of a major downtown street for a dozen blocks without ever having to worry about vehicle traffic. On top of that, it’s a highly popular public event—lots of people, activities, displays, food and fun. It’s a small foretaste of what Victoria can be like if and when we transition to a 100% Renewable Energy city, as we have committed to do. Last year the Victoria Chapter hosted a “bean poll” for people to vote for their favourite sustainable transportation options. This year, we will have more fun and informative activities. Sunday, June 16th. See you there.


To build on the success of Vancouver Chapter's Hallowhacks Hackathon, this fall, we are expanding on the project 'Entrepreneurs for Sustainability'. We are organizing a month-long series of events to bringing people together and solve a sustainable energy problem. The events help increasing awareness and engagement, beside creating the chance of networking and career building. At the end of the month we will have a startup competition with prizes and mentors.


Our third annual Women in Sustainable Energy mentoring and networking night took place on Thursday May 9th. With over 100 participants, it was BCSEA's largest yet! Look forward to another event or two under the Women in Sustainable Energy umbrella in 2019, as we look to support and grow this amazing community. If you have any suggestions for events or activities, or you want to get involved, please don't hesitate to reach out to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Climate Guides Youth Engagement

This summer BCSEA's Interim Chair, Lana Gonoratsky and Cool-It Program Manager Melanie Lazelle are supporting the Climate Guides Mentorship program to build collaborative, intergenerational and peer-to-peer relationships between emerging climate leaders and professionals in the field. This is the program’s second year, and is designed as a two-month accelerator program from June 1st to July 31st. Click here to learn more.

Renewable Energy Financing Webinar

On April 16, 2019, the BCSEA hosted a webinar about How Renewable Energy Projects Get Financed with RE Royalties, a company that provides innovative finance solutions to renewable energy project leaders.

The session was very educational, and we had a high level of interest from our members on the topic. The 45-minute discussion was followed by a Q&A, where our members had the opportunity to ask the RE Royalties team questions about their projects. BCSEA members can view the webinar and Powerpoint presentation here.

COOL IT! 2018-2019

Our Cool It! 2018/19 school term program is coming to an end. We're delighted that several municipalities have invited the winning class to visit a council meeting to share about their experiences and ideas for their local regions. It is essential for youth to have a voice in political spheres and for most of our young students this will be their first taste!

As part of the Cool-It Challenge we like to reward top students and classes who reduce their greenhouse gases the most during our 4-week climate challenge. If your organization would like to sponsor some prizes, from seeds and gardening supplies, to LED bulbs and green science kits, or other small prizes, please reach out to the Cool It team - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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The District of West Vancouver: Sandra Kwan's grade 5 class from Westcot Elementary were invited to present as a delegation at a West Vancouver council meeting at City Hall. The students did a fantastic job presenting their climate concerns to the council members, and requested the council focus on funding for climate projects, reforestation, cleaning of waterways, and declaring a climate emergency, among other ideas. Two students recommended that we follow in the footsteps of the Philippines and require students to plant trees to graduate! Congratulations to all the students! Watch their presentation here.

UPCOMING EVENTS Energy Connections 2019

Save the date for BCSEA's fourth annual Energy Connections on Friday, September 20, 2019 at SFU Harbour Centre, Vancouver, B.C. Stay tuned for more information on this year's topics and speakers.

Ecocity World Summit - 2019

Our member BCIT won the bid to host the next Ecocity World Summit on October 7-11, 2019! This is the first time the Ecocity World Summit is being hosted in Western Canada.


- Opposition to Contaminated Rail Ties as Fuel for Generation: The Saga Continues

- BC Hydro - Transmission Service Rate F2020 and F2021 Pricing Principles Extension - Granted by order G-39-19

- BCSEA intervenes in net metering proceeding


- Energy and Sustainability Specialist - West Vancouver, B.C.

- Electrician - Richmond, B.C.

- Business Strategy Lead, Deep Resiliency retrofits - Vancouver, B.C.


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