Seeking your input on new BC forestry rules

Seeking your input on new BC forestry rules r1 ...

Take action to preserve forests

Dear Paov,

In these times of climate and biodiversity crisis few things are as important as healthy, intact forests.

Forests can be our best offence and defence against climate change – havens for species pushed to the brink by industry and safeguards for clean water. If control over forests is returned to First Nations they can also be part of decolonization and the true justice we desperately need for Indigenous peoples.

Here in BC we’ve got a long way to go to get there.

Despite promising to do better the BC government is moving at a glacial pace in addressing the problems with provincial forest management – tinkering here, baby steps there.

The province is currently seeking input on changes to critical legislation: the Forests and Range Practices Act or FRPA – the overarching rules for forestry in BC.

Take Action Photo by Louis Bockner Right now is the time for us to weigh in and demand this government take bold, meaningful action to depart from the status quo in BC forest management – environmental degradation, job loss and the prioritization of corporate profits above ecosystems and communities.

The public comment period for the FRPA amendments ends on July 15, and the BC government wants you to fill out an online survey.

My allies and I told the government we think this survey is an overly complicated process that poses a barrier to your participation and they should accept email submissions. For now you must complete their survey – we have provided some tips on our action page including points to consider in your responses. Take Action Thank you for all you do for the forests.

For the wild,

Torrance Coste
| Vancouver Island Campaigner
Wilderness Committee

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