Have you heard of BCs toad capital?

Have you heard of BC’s toad capital? r1 ...

The world’s largest western toad population needs you

Dear Paov,

Western toads at Summit Lake in the West Kootenays are under threat from continued logging of their remaining habitat, which would devastate this world-famous population.

The mayor and council of nearby Nakusp have the power to cancel logging plans in toad habitat because they are the sole owners of Nakusp and Area Community Forest Company (NACFOR). Join us in asking them and the government of BC to protect this prime wildlife habitat and reallocate the logging plans to forests that won’t endanger at-risk species.

Logging is already underway – NACFOR has cut 50 hectares out of 670. You and I must act now.

Take Action Award-winning Toad People follows the journey of the Summit Lake toads and the people working to protect them. The toads at Summit Lake are an important part of the community. Every summer tourists gather in Nakusp for Toad Fest, an event celebrating western toads. Tourists also come to explore the intact wilderness, which brings in sustainable and reliable tourism dollars.

Western toads spend the vast majority of their lives in the forest. Industrial logging of their habitat would crush them to death. Take Action This is your opportunity to ask NACFOR to protect the remaining 670 hectares – less than 6.8 per cent of their total logging area. A small reallocation for the company would provide an entire population of threatened toads a hopeful future and validate the province’s reputation of being, as the BC government puts it, “the global keeper of the western toad.”

Will you join us to protect the remaining habitat and seek reallocation? Let’s make the final chapter of the toad story an inspiring one.

For the toads,

Charlotte Dawe | Conservation and Policy Campaigner
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