Time to rein in logging on private land

Time to rein in logging on private land r1 ...

Private forests not working for us

Hi Paov,

Mill closures, raging wildfires, species on the brink of extinction.

All these point to one thing – it’s clear forests across British Columbia have been mismanaged for decades.

Nowhere in the province is this more obvious than on Private Managed Forest Lands – tracts of forests owned by logging companies and managed under a different regime than the rest of the province.

The Private Managed Forest Land Program is currently under review and open for public comment. You and I need to let the government know this program is not working for BC and we have just over two weeks to do so.

Take Action Photo by Louis Bockner From the Rocky Mountains to Nootka Sound, from Grand Forks to Fort Nelson, healthy ecosystems, clean water and sustainable communities have taken a back seat to the ability of logging companies to make huge profits.

Please demand the provincial government rein in logging companies and stop them from treating these forests like personal piggy banks. Speak up for forests All forests in BC should be managed to prioritize Indigenous rights, healthy ecosystems, community well-being and climate resiliency. But this won’t happen unless we demand it!

For the forests,

Torrance Coste | National Campaign Director
Wilderness Committee

P.S. In addition, the BC government is seeking feedback until July 15 on the Forest Range and Practices Act, the main law governing forestry in BC. You can participate in that process here. Donate |r0.

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