You wont believe what fracking looks like on the ground

You won’t believe what fracking looks like on the ground r1 ...

Gallery: BC LNG’s dirty little secret

Dear Paov,

I’m just back from a week up north and what I saw left me shaken. Fracking infrastructure blankets northeast British Columbia from the Alberta border to the Rocky Mountains. Gas plants, compressor stations, well pads, flare stacks, pipelines, wastewater ponds — it just goes on, and on, and on.

LNG Canada site in Kitimat BC Meeting with local communities, I heard how fracking was upending their lives. Families and neighbourhoods are torn apart when one landowner rejects gas development money only for fracking infrastructure to move in right next door. People who planned to live out their days in a quiet countryside move as it becomes an industrial wasteland. Treasured hunting grounds become unrecognizable. Doctors report strange incidences of cancers and lung disease. Meanwhile, residents are afraid to speak out.

And it’s only going to get worse. Proposed liquefied natural gas (LNG) plants on the coast would require tens of thousands of new fracking wells in the province’s northeast. Not only would this further carve up the landscape and deprive it of water, but it would also pump the highly potent greenhouse gas methane into the atmosphere. Have a look through a few of the most striking photos from my trip: Saturn Gas Plant in Farmington Encana fracking rigs in Farmington Progress Cariboo Gas Plant near Sikanni Chief Fracking Infrastructure in Farrell Creek Semi-truck traffic from fracking in the rural community of Briar Ridge Kitimat LNG site These shots were taken hundreds of kilometres away from each other, but they could be anywhere in the Peace Region. Tens of thousands of sites dot the landscape and more will be on the way unless we put a stop to it. It’s long past time to ban fracking in British Columbia. For the climate,

Peter McCartney | Climate Campaigner
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