Did you know the Arctic is on fire?

Did you know the Arctic is on fire? r1 ...

Atmosphere for Change
The monthly donor drive to power change on Vancouver Island

Dear Paov,

What kind of summer are you having? This summer, you might be:

  • on a beach or in the parks we’re working to protect,
  • in the shade of an ancient tree like those we’re working to save,
  • or enjoying the sounds of wildlife whose future we’re ensuring through endangered species legislation.

Meanwhile, the Arctic is burning with record-breaking fires. And 200 reindeer were found to have died of starvation in Norway due to climate change. That’s why our work together never takes a break.

But even if you’re on holidays, you can still join the movement to stop the climate emergency, protect endangered habitats, and preserve Earth’s dying biodiversity. Your monthly donation, whatever the size, is a small but mighty way each of us, together, can build an atmosphere for change on Vancouver Island.

Yes, I’ll be part of the change So much of the Arctic is on fire, you can see it from space (NASA Earth Observatory image).

The Wilderness Committee is the 99%

Did you know almost 99% of all revenues powering the Wilderness Committee come from individual donors? Not from corporations. Not from governments. From everyday people like you who care about wilderness, wildlife and our climate.

Meet one of the 99%

Eban Tomlinson has been an environmental activist with Wilderness Committee campaigns since 2016 and became a monthly donor last week. Here's what he has to say:
Because of my young family, I'm faced with a paradoxical choice; spend time providing for my family which then removes my time to be able to advocate for their future. Giving monthly to the Wilderness Committee is the next best thing for me. I've watched the Wilderness Committee over the last few years become an incredibly effective environmental advocacy organization, and I'm proud to be able to support it! Will you join Eban and give what you can to power the change we need? Even a small amount is mighty powerful. I’ll make a small but mighty donation! Together, we can protect more forests, endangered species and create a liveable climate for all.

For the wild,

Torrance Coste, National Campaign Director


My promise to you: as a small and mighty gift-giver you receive a regular update on how your donations are put to work for change. No fancy galas to attend. No golf tournaments. But the knowledge that together, you and I can power the amazing work of the Wilderness Committee to educate, mobilize, organize, educate, lead, mentor and advocate boldly as we stand together for nature. Donate |r0.

We respect your privacy. The Wilderness Committee will never rent, sell, or trade our mailing lists.

People-powered wilderness preservation for a wild future.
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