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Canadians were rightly shocked by media reports this week that said discussing climate change could be considered “partisan” activity during the federal election. Our experts delved into the law to help clear up misconceptions about Canada’s election rules.

We also combed through the details of new Indigenous legal challenges over the Trans Mountain pipeline – get up to speed here.

Climate change and Elections Canada: What you need to know

Concerned about what you can say about climate change in the lead-up to Election 2019? With all the confusing media coverage this week about federal election advertising restrictions, it’s no wonder that questions are being raised.

To set the record straight, here’s some clarification from our legal experts about what's permitted under the Canada Elections Act.

(Spoiler: you don't need to keep quiet about climate!)
Trans Mountain and the Honour of the Crown: Indigenous legal challenges, round 2 In our latest Trans Mountain blog post, Staff Lawyer Eugene Kung sums up the arguments raised by eight Indigenous nations and tribes challenging the pipeline approval in court.

One key question raised in these cases: With Canada’s stake in Trans Mountain, could the government truly perform unbiased consultations with Indigenous peoples? The nations challenging the project say no.
Five years after Mount Polley, BC is still struggling with environmental enforcement The recent anniversary of the Mount Polley mine disaster (and surprising lack of charges) highlights BC's ongoing problem with environmental enforcement.

Staff Lawyer Andrew Gage digs into the latest available data to see how the province can better ensure that polluters are held accountable for violating the Environmental Management Act.
The oceans connect us all Our marine law experts are shaping ocean protection from coast to coast to coast. From a tanker ban on the north Pacific coast, to new marine protected areas and improvements to ocean laws, we’re having a whale of a time celebrating achievements that protect the seas.

Watch our new video to learn more about this important work.

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Sea Statutes: Canada’s National Marine Conservation Areas Act Canada has been making waves lately for surpassing its goal of protecting 10% of the oceans by 2020. To celebrate, we’re profiling one of the key legal tools used to get there.

Staff Lawyer Linda Nowlan breaks down how Canada’s National Marine Conservation Areas Act works to protect special marine ecosystems, educate people and provide opportunities to enjoy the oceans.
West Coast’s 2019 summer law students make a splash Each summer we host a new cohort of stellar law students who help out with legal research, legal aid and more. See what our 2019 summer law students had to say about their experiences.

And now that our summer students are moving on, we’re excited to welcome a new law student for the fall – Justin Fishman.
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