Whats your vision of a plastic-free BC?

What’s your vision of a plastic-free BC? r1 ...

Make plastic pollution a thing of the past

Dear Paov,

One plastic grocery bag means 12 minutes of use and a 500-year legacy in the environment.

We’re in a dangerous, stomach-churning age of plastics. In BC, marine plastics are threatening species like the black-footed albatross, short-tailed albatross and pink-footed shearwater.

Right now the BC government is looking for direction on how to reduce plastic waste. Fill out this survey to support action limiting the number of plastics being produced as well as efforts to recycle and clean up plastic already in the environment.

The BC government has said specifically they will only take action if the public supports it — so make sure they hear your voice loud and clear.

Fill out the survey!

There are proposed actions in the following areas:

1. Bans on single-use plastics: determining which types of plastics need to be banned altogether

2. Reducing single-use plastic in landfills and waterways: making producers take responsibility for plastic products, ensuring more products get recycled

3. Plastic bottle and beverage container returns: updating the deposit-refund system to reward recyclers

4. Reducing plastics overall: supporting ways to prevent plastic waste in the first place Plastic pollution is a growing threat to wildlife from birds to marine life and beyond. Plastics also degrade over hundreds, sometimes thousands of years, polluting the soil by releasing toxic chemicals. Take the survey Single-use plastics may be a matter of convenience to humans but are death to other animals — an unworthy tradeoff. We’ve got to take bold action today to prevent plastics from overtaking nature.

For the wild,

Charlotte Dawe | Conservation and Policy Campaigner
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