Make caribou survival an election issue

Make caribou survival an election issue r1 ...

Extinction is happening —
ask your candidates if they’ll stop it

Hey there Paov!

On my latest trip to caribou habitat, I found something the BC government and logging corporations don’t want you to see. Watch the video below to see what the government continues to allow in caribou habitat critical to the species’ survival!

The good news is the federal government has the power and the legal responsibility under the Species at Risk Act to step in and take over management of habitat when provinces fail. But this law is only as strong as those who enforce it.

This federal election gives us a unique chance to make caribou habitat protection an election issue in BC. Will you send a letter to the federal candidates in your riding and put them on the hot spot for caribou?

Ask your federal candidates if they’ll save caribou Watch the video I made in caribou habitat with Wildlife Defence League and Burning Hearts Media. Some of the last remaining critical habitat south-east of Wells Gray Provincial Park, home to the Wells Gray herd, is being logged. The BC government is greenlighting the extinction of a species across the province for corporations looking to increase their shareholder profits

To save the remaining southern mountain caribou herds, we need the new federal government to issue an emergency protection order to protect habitat. Ask your candidates about caribou now! Ask them what they’re prepared to do to save a species from extinction. Tell them we need an emergency order to protect caribou habitat.

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