As Heiltsuk Nation raise their Big House, join #TeamOcean and lay the foundation for justice.

As Heiltsuk Nation raise their Big House, join #TeamOcean and lay the foundation for justice. r1 ...


You are part of an incredible story of resilience, and transformation.

There has not been a Big House in the central coast community of Bella Bella since the dark days of colonization, when potlatches were banned and cultural practices were driven underground. Now, a hundred years later, Heiltusk have raised a bighouse in the heart of their community where they can host potlatches, hold ceremonies and carry out traditional governance of their territory.

It’s no co-incidence that the Big House opens on the anniversary of the Nathan E. Stewart spill. Fiercely determined to enshrine Indigenous stewardship practices into law, the Heiltsuk are taking a tragic occurrence and using it to catalyze a legal challenge that will strengthen shipping regulations and oil spill response so such a disaster can never happen again.

RAVEN is supporting the Heiltsuk’s precedent-setting case using the same strategy we used with the Heiltsuk Nation during the Pull Together campaign that beat Enbridge. As the Heiltsuk open their Big House during the week of October 12-21, we are inviting everyone to join Team Ocean, tell your story, and reach out to friends and family for support.

To stand with the Heiltsuk at this proud moment, RAVEN is holding a Week of Action in support of their legal case against Canada, BC and Kirby Corp. We’ve set an ambitious fundraising target for the week of October 12-21st, and invite you to join us in reaching out to friends and allies of the Heiltsuk to raise $10k during the historic Big House raising. You can share our Facebook and Instagram posts, join the #TeamOcean fundraising team, or forward our emails to friends and family who care about the health of the ocean and of maritime communities.

As the Heiltsuk raise the roof on their Big House, it’s an honour to be part of laying the foundation for a just and sustainable future.

Thank you for all you do.

Andrea + Ana, RAVEN

p.s Visit our campaign website at You’ll find videos, FAQs and stories about the case and the Nation who are at the forefront of ocean protection in the Great Bear Sea. Be inspired by the amazing people who live in and steward Heiltsuk territory, and join the #TeamOcean online fundraising team to be part of how, though the Nathan E. Stewart sank, the Heiltsuk are rising.

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