Rare opportunity to protect even rarer forests

Rare opportunity to protect even rarer forests

Let’s change the way
government sees old-growth

Dear Paov,

Your activism for ancient forests has become too loud for the BC government to ignore.

This winter the province is reviewing the way it manages these irreplaceable ecosystems. A two-person panel has been tasked to gather information, hold consultations and report to Premier John Horgan and his cabinet by spring.

Our goal is to send a loud, clear message: it’s time to protect remaining old-growth forests.

Write your letter today! Photo: Louis Bockner We know industry will be working to influence this process and water down the panel’s report, so we need to overwhelm them with thousands of messages calling for a rapid and just transition to sustainable second-growth logging.

This process has some serious flaws — namely, the fact status quo logging continues while the panel does its review — but we need to flood it with our message anyways. Take Action! Thank you for all your work for old-growth forests so far. You’ve made a big difference. Now it’s time to tell the BC government to do the right thing and protect old-growth.

For the wild,

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