Thank you Paov, for getting logging banned in the Donut Hole

Thank you *|FNAME|*, for getting logging banned in the Donut Hole r1 ...

You saved the Skagit headwaters from logging!

Hello Paov,

Thank you for giving voice to the Donut Hole. The BC government just announced that this cherished wildland surrounded by Manning and Skagit provincial parks will see no more destructive logging!

Numerous times over the past 18 months we asked you to write the BC government asking for a ban on logging. Even though the fight was hard at times, thousands of you wrote and told the BC government clearly and passionately to protect the stunning unlogged Silverdaisy and 26 mile valleys.

Last week, your persistence and hard work finally paid off when the province announced a ban on logging in the Donut Hole!

You and I made this happen together by never, ever giving up the fight to defend this 5,800 hectare area of forests, streams and mountains surrounded by Manning and Skagit provincial parks.

BC Timber Sales, the government agency responsible for logging permits in the area, started their first logging operation there in 2004 and faced intense criticism and protest from you and me 15 years ago! All remained quiet in the area until last year when renewed logging in the Donut Hole again caused an outpouring of opposition (more than 1,800 letters!) from you and hundreds of others like you, Paov.

Where there is unwavering determination there is a path to victory — but we’re not out of the woods yet. The next step is to get the mining company Imperial Metals out of the Donut Hole and get it protected for good. More on this in 2020.

In the meantime, let's celebrate this win!

For the wild,

P.S. Will you consider a year-end donation today so we can get the Donut Hole and other at-risk wild places protected for good? Any amount makes a big difference. Thank you!

Yes! Here’s my gift! Donate |r0.

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