Nuchatlaht Nation needs your support

Nuchatlaht Nation needs your support r1 ...

Return Nuchatlaht title to Nootka Island

Dear Paov,

Working with First Nations on environmental campaigns is essential. We work to protect endangered old-growth forests in Indigenous territories. On the west coast of Vancouver Island, that means working to support the Nuchatlaht in their fight to get their land back!

This winter, the Nuchatlaht are in court seeking legal title to the heart of their territory on Nootka Island.

Support the Nuchatlaht! Despite recently passing the BC Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Act, the BC government is now actively fighting against the Nuchatlaht in court.

Instead of challenging the Nuchatlaht’s title to their territory, BC should support their right to self-determination, to protect and heal their territory on their own terms. The legal proceedings are in their early stages, but the government is already working to delay and oppose the Nuchatlaht’s claim, making the process more expensive and challenging. This is wrong and needs to stop.

Will you call on BC Attorney General David Eby to treat the Nuchatlaht government to government and in the spirit of reconciliation? Write your letter today! The Nuchatlaht have lived in Nootka Sound since time immemorial, but for the last century or so clearcut logging, commercial fishing and other colonial industrial activities have dominated and scarred their lands and waters.

Logging giants like Western Forest Products have run roughshod over the Nuchatlaht’s rights for decades. Still, there are some awe-inspiring pockets of old-growth rainforest remaining within the title claim area and the Nuchatlaht want to protect these last stands. They are repositories of Nuchatlaht heritage and contain culturally modified cedar trees — used for bark stripping, plank removal and canoe making — artefacts and stories that provide abundant proof of the millennia of sustainable use of these rich ecosystems. Returning Nootka Island title to the Nuchatlaht is the right thing to do, for the forests, justice, and a better future for all of us.

For the ancient forests, Donate |r0.

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