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Dear PAOV,

We love meeting donors and supporters— yep, people just like you! — and building community around supporting Nations going to court to assert their rights and title and protect their lands. This season, we met up with folks who have committed to monthly donations. Our team caught up with Terry Dance-Bennink, an activist and former teacher based in Victoria. She shared her excitement for the cause and spark that ignited her journey in reconciliation.

In 2012, Terry travelled to the tar sands to witness first-hand the destruction wrought by the multiple projects happening there. She stayed with a family from Fort McKay First Nation. After experiencing the tar sands, “which was horrifying,” and hearing what the First Nation’s were going through, Terry returned with a new resolve, “I have to do something.”

There is no better time than now. In this past week alone, Coldwater Band, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh Nations went to the Federal Court of Appeal against the Trans Mountain Pipeline, and Tsilhqot’in Nation celebrated a huge win from the Federal Court of Appeal, after it dismissed Taseko’s applications for judicial review of (a) the Joint Review Panel report, and (b) the 2014 decision by Governor-in-Council rejecting the New Prosperity mine proposal. A panel of three justices fully affirmed a previous rejection by a lower court. They didn’t uphold a single argument put forward by Taseko! It’s taken more than 10 years, and the wait was definitely worth it!

In order to support Nations in their long-term legal challenges, we need long-term support.

Since Terry’s visit to the tar sands, she has been outspoken about Indigenous rights, climate justice and settlers stepping up. She has attended many a rally, and fundraised through her church in aid of RAVEN. While she also volunteers for other organizations, she supports RAVEN because of our unique mission. “It’s easy to get behind,” Terry explained. RAVEN is the only non profit charitable organization in Canada that raises legal defence funds for First Nations’ that enforce their rights and title in court as a way to protect their land and ways of life.

Hear Terry Dance-Benning's express how she came to join RAVEN's Circle of Allies.

Your donations are significant. Terry wants to share with her fellow supporters to “never underestimate your financial contribution.” It’s true: Terry understands that our ability to support Nations leading legal challenges depends on people like her and you. “I feel we have to step up a lot more than we have because very often First Nations are isolated and on their own.” This is about sharing resources with communities throughout Canada who are facing industry and government to conserve their territories and ecosystems.

Please, join the
Circle of Allies and dedicate monthly funding to long-term legal challenges. This commitment provides stability and a sense of stay-with-it-ness needed to go the distance, and create the likelihood of more and more victories on the side of Indigenous Nations. This is your opportunity to commit to legal challenges that can move the needle on Indigenous rights and title, and what is ultimately right for our planet and our shared existence on it. Join the Circle of Allies.

Wishing you all the best this holiday season,

Kathryn and Laurie
RAVEN’s Development Team

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