RCMP Raid 44, Now Surrounding Chiefs at 27 KM

RCMP Raid 44, Now Surrounding Chiefs at 27 KM r1 ...

RCMP Have raided the Gidemt'en Checkpoint with Helicopters, Snipers, Police Dogs, and Tactical teams.

People are rising up everywhere in response!

Gidemt'en Checkpoint before the raid RCMP used helicopters to drop multiple tactical teams with snipers, assault rifles, and police dogs who surrounded the peaceful land defenders at 44. As arrests were being made land defenders have attempted to travel by boat to support people on the ground at 44 Over 20 #Wetsuweten and supporter vehicles have amassed at 27km mark, effectively blockading the exit route to RCMP paddy-wagons leaving the territory. They're holding a ceremony and ensuring the safety of those arrested.

Reports state Hereditary Cheifs at 27 KM are now being surrounded by RCMP.

Multiple arrests have been made at Gidemt'en Checkpoint.

Police attempted to remove people from Woos's cabin outside of the injunction zone at 44 but have since left them.

RCMP are now reportedly surrounding Hereditary chiefs and supporters where they are blocking the road at 27 KM.

People need to see what the government of Canada is doing!

Read and share this full summary of the raid at 44 with live updates here

The above link is the best place to get breaking information.

While the actions of the RCMP have been grotesque and unconscionable the power on the frontlines and in the streets has been beautiful! Keep up the pressure!

Not in Canada? Check this list of Embassies and Consulates STAY IN THE STREETS!

Find an action near you, or post one you're organizing at the link below:


VANCOUVER: Meet Saturday Morning at Woodland Park at 5 AM or throughout the day at Clark and Hastings

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Below are just some of the powerful actions that took place today. The whole world is watching! March today in Ottowa Port of Vancouver Currently shut down for the second day in a row! Seaway International Bridge Shut down in Mohawk Territory Indigenous Youth Holding the BC Legislature for a second day in a row! Rail Lines Blocked in Mohawk Territory Marchers in Victoria. Indigenous Youth are still camped out at the BC Legislature! Indigenous youth and supporters in K'jipuktuk/Halifax are occupying Andy Filmore's office #Wetsuweten Strong See you in the Streets!
-Unist'ot'en Solidarity Brigade

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