Armed Tactical teams Surrounding Unist'ot'en Now

Armed Tactical teams Surrounding Unist'ot'en Now r1 ...

RCMP Have landed armed tactical teams behind the Unist'ot'en Village and other officers are approaching the gate from the other side.

Arrests are being made now. Live feeds currently underway.


Last night Unist'ot'en women hold a ceremony honouring their missing and murdered Indigenous sisters and inviting their spirits to stand with them against the same RCMP who denied them justice.

WATCH AND SHARE Wet'suwet'en Matriarchs standing strong as RCMP descend upon Unist'o'ten Village RCMP have now surrounded the Unist'ot'en Village.

Tactical units have been dropped by Helicopter on top of the hill above the village, and have been seen pointing guns at the healing centre.

Live updates are being posted here

And Live streaming is happening on the camp facebook page


10:41 am - RCMP using K9 units on unarmed indigenous women on behalf of CGL/TC Energy. 4 arrests total so far.

9:55 am – Legal observers heard RCMP planning on running dogs towards gate

9:51 – RCMP Officer appears to have tripped over one of the red dresses.

9:48 am – reports that Transport Canada is not aware of any airspace restriction.

9:45 am – DLT interrupting ceremony to try and talk to Freda. Masked cops with sunglasses, filming. Low flying helicopter.

9:44 – Unist’ot’en Facebook account livestreaming raid now.

9:38 am – 11 tactical at end of driveway of Healing Centre, 7 on hill. 2 canine units. DLTs hovering around ceremonial bell structure filming.

9:32 am - Several assault rifles spotted pointed at Healing Centre. K9 units. Sounds cannons. Handguns.

9:17 am - 4th helicopter landed and took off at top of hill. 3 RCMP total at the top of hill. 2 north side, 1 south.

9:14 – Total 3 black helicopters at the top of hill

9:13 am – RCMP approaching water in snowshoes, assessing bridge, using binoculars. Another helicopter dropped down and went back up.

9:11 am – More RCMP officers crouching behind snowbank, hiding from view. 2 high visibility and one in red plaid. 2 helicopter dropoffs at the top of the hill so far.

9:09 am - Ravens flying above the officers. They are Oyate, Karla Tait's daughter, in spirit form. She told us they would be with us. She is 5 years old Unist'ot'en.


Find or organize an action to join near you:


Many actions are being added to the discussion section of the page above now!

Wet'suwet'en and supporters are gathering at 27 KM on Morice Forest Service Road

Over 30 people were arrested at the Port of Vancouver last night and there is a call out to reconvene at the VANDU office (380 East Hastings) at 1 PM

As far as we know the Rail Blockade in New Hazelton is still going.

At least 3 new Rail Blockades have gone up at 6 nations, Listuguj Mi'gmaq, and Montreal

People have shut down the Comox Valley Highway in both directions

Government offices and banks are being shut down!


Call your friends and neighbors to join an action, and take 10 minutes to call government officials and let them know how you feel!

This link will let you call all BC MP's via an auto dialer:
Call BC Government Officials! One of two actions shutting down Comox Valley Highway Rail Blockade in 6 nations Rail Blockade outside of Montreal Litstuguj Mi'gmaq shut down Rail Line Youth Occupying Government Offices in Montreal! Jam the Government phone lines! Powerful Articles to share with friends who may not understand what is happening:

Industry and Government Pushed to Abolish Aboriginal Title at Issue in Wet'suwet'en Stand off Docs Reveal

BC Failed to Conisder Links BetweenMan Camps and Violence Against Indigenous Women Wet'suwet'en Argue


Keep up the Fight!
Unist'ot'en Solidarity Brigade

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