Tell the feds to reject the largest tar sands mine ever

Tell the feds to reject the largest tar sands mine ever r1 ...

Reject Teck Frontier

Hi Paov,

With enough pressure, we can get the federal Liberals to stop the largest tar sands mine ever.

For once I think their government might be ready to do the right thing. They just need a little push right now at this pivotal time.

Take Action! Proposed Teck Frontier mine site and area to be impacted (Photo: Garth Lenz). Teck Frontier Mine would be double the size of Vancouver and emit more carbon pollution than all vehicles in Toronto. But for the first time that I’ve seen, Liberal members of parliament are breaking ranks and speaking up against its approval. Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson has also shown he understands it would be all but impossible to meet our climate targets if it’s ever built. But Teck Frontier is sure to be hotly debated at an upcoming cabinet meeting.

Now is the time to raise your voice. Can you write a letter to cabinet ministers and your member of parliament asking them to protect the climate and stop the Teck Frontier Mine? Write Now For years we’ve been fighting to stop the expansion of the Alberta tar sands. We’ve successfully held back new pipelines, forcing the industry to curtail its production. Now we have the chance to make it final. If we stop the Teck Frontier Mine, it will be a major win in the fight for a safe climate.

We’re reining in Canada’s biggest polluters and it’s thanks to the efforts of activists like you. Let’s keep pushing.

For the climate, Donate |r0.

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