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The controversial legal challenge which put public health care on trial was unexpectedly postponed in December but finally comes to a close this week.

Today, constitutional lawyer, Joe Arvay, argues on behalf of the coalition intervenor group.

Show your support on social media by checking in at the Vancouver Law Courts on facebook. Click here for instructions.

The intervenor group includes two patients, two doctors, Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and the BC Health Coalition. The patients in the intervenor group -- one living with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy and another with AIDS -- represent those who stand to lose the most in this case. They are economically vulnerable people who rely on a high quality public health... care system to provide life-sustaining care.

In addition, the physician members of the intervenor group are concerned that if the lawsuit successfully overturns the principle of Canadian health care - that care be based on need, not ability to pay - their patients’ health will suffer.

Joe Arvay is a well known constitutional lawyer who argued both the Carter and Bedford cases.

Make sure your networks know what is at stake in this case by checking in at the Vancouver Law Courts on facebook! Instructions for how to virtually check in are at the bottom of this email.

In Solidarity,

- Ayendri

Ayendri Riddell
BC Health Coalition Campaigner

How to Virtually Check-in

To virtually attend the first day of closing arguments, start by typing a facebook status about the case. It could be as simple as

“Today I’m defending public health care with the BC Health Coalition and Canadian Doctors for Medicare.”

After writing your status, click the three grey dots to get additional posting options:


When the list of options come up, click “Check In”


Clicking “check in” will cause a textbox to show below your status

In the box start typing “Law Courts”. You will then have the option to select “Law Courts (Vancouver)” from a list. Click on this and a street map should appear, meaning you have succeeded in checking in. Then click “Post”.


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