Preliminary Talks Between Wet'suwet'en and BC and Federal Gov Begin

Preliminary Talks Between Wet'suwet'en and BC and Federal Gov Begin r1 ... After initially backing away from Nation to Nation talks representatives of the BC and Federal Governments changed their position and began talks in Wet'suwet'en territory yesterday. Contrary to preemptive reporting by media the terms of the talks as of last night still had not been agreed upon.
As these talks occur actions continue across the country with many long standing rail and road blockades holding their ground, and Indigenous youth maintaining an occupation of the BC legislature.

Tyendinaga Mohawks, who experienced brutality at the hands of the OPP during the raid this week, have begun constructing an encampment at the site of their 2 week long rail blockade vowing to continue the struggle until the demands of the hereditary chiefs are met.

Students across so called BC have put out a call out for a National student walk out on March 4th and put together a toolkit for organizing a walkout at your own school. Events have already gone up for walkouts in cities across Canada.

The breadth and determination of this movement is incredible, and is changing the political landscape of so called Canada.
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Kolin Sutherland-Wilson, a Gitxsan youth leader on the ongoing struggle:
“At Oka, Gustafson Lake, Ipperwash, New Caledonia — at the countless places where these struggles have existed that predate what’s happening on Wet’suwet’en territories — every nation has had to confront the same colonial mechanisms. But for the first time in history it feels like we’re not alone. People are listening, people are gathering, people are coming together and holding this country to account in a way that it’s never been held to account before. We are so thankful, so thankful to see everyone who has come out here.”
#youthforyintah #indigenousyouthforwetsuweten #wetsuwetenstrong #westandwithwetsuweten . Nick Kolbasook speaks out on OPP police brutality at Tyendinaga raid.

"When they got a hold of me and 4 or 5 of them maybe more all had a part of me and i couldn't move, that's when two of them just started punching me immediately...

I had my arm twisted to the side and it was being stepped on and that to them was resisting. I couldn't move it and they said put your arm behind your back I said I can't you're stepping on it, hes stepping on it, and because I could not move my arm behind my back they began kicking me in the face. That's where I got all this ... I was trying to dodge them and that's when one of them got on top of me, put his hands on my neck and started choking me.

I witnessed Canadian armed officers, pretty close to militarized officers, coming onto Mohawk territory and brutalize people.

I don't see myself as a victim. I see myself as doing my duty, upholding my responsibility, but that's the plain truth of it. They came, and they brutalized people, and treated people like animals.

I love my people, I love all of my people, I love the land, and I have instilled by my mother and my grandmother a strong sense of responsibility. And so I leave my job and leave my family for days at a time to come here to uphold my responsibilities, defend my people and defend our land.

You can watch more interviews with land defenders who were on the frontline of the OPP raid on Real Peoples' Media Facebook Page ARTICLES

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Tyendinaga Mohawks are building a village at the site of their rail blockade vowing to continue resistance in solidarity with the demands of the Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs Mi'kmaq land defenders in Listuguj have been holding down a rail blockade for over 3 weeks and are vowing to continue.

In 2013 The Mi'kmaq were successful in leading a direct action campaign to stop fracking in their territory where they faced very similar abuse from the RCMP. Mass March in Montreal Ongoing road blockade in 6 Nations in the same location as the protests in 2006 during the Caledonia Land Struggle. r34.

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