Call your MP to defund this pipeline

Call your MP to defund this pipeline r1 ...

It’s #NoTMX Tuesday!

Hi Paov,

Weeks ago, the federal government finally came clean with the ballooning price tag for its Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

Canadians will have to borrow $17 billion to build the ill-conceived pipeline.

Those absurd costs are sure to rise as construction slowly gets underway. But now we have a chance to cut our losses and walk away before we throw more good money after bad. The federal budget for 2020 is coming and the Liberal minority government needs support from opposition parties.

Will you call your member of parliament and ask them not to vote for Canada’s largest-ever fossil fuel subsidy?

CALL NOW The New Democrats, Bloc Quebecois and Greens are opposed to Trans Mountain. Meanwhile, polls show a majority of Liberal supporters now oppose the pipeline since hearing of its soaring costs.

Will you use our calling tool today to ask your MP to put our money where their mouth is and defund the pipeline? This is the first of our #NoTMX Tuesday actions with a phone blitz to new targets each month. CALL NOW We are in a climate emergency. We should be spending $17 billion to fight this crisis, not make it worse. With your help, we can stop Trans Mountain and get to work on a Green New Deal that does just that.

For the climate, Donate |r0.

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